Lincoln City Mayor Candidate Forum

Lincoln City Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Luncheon and Mayor Forum. The Chamber is offering a ZOOM option:  you will need to email the chamber of commerce for the ZOOM coordinates. Space is limited for the live event at the Cultural Center – COVID restrictions – preregistration is required.

COIVD may have ushered in a new era of live streaming and video recording of community events. I hope that OCCC may provides their Digital Studio technology to broadcast the forum. Shout out for the Central Coast Marketing Academy, btw.

Details on the Chamber’s Facebook Page. (
Chamber of Commerce Web Site (

I greatly appreciate LCCC providing access via zoom so we can all tune in and check out what the potential candidates have to say about their objectives as the next City’s Mayor. There are no doubt many issues the new mayor will have to tackle on behalf of the community. The City’s current manager Ron Chandler will be leaving the organization April 30th. Yet another dynamic facing the Council’s future.

National Geographic has a brief article on the history of voting. I shared it today with my ten year old. “…voting was not always a default right for all Americans. The United States Constitution, as originally written, did not define specifically who could or could not vote—but it did establish how the new country would vote.” – Nat Geo

Lincoln City Home page also has a brief summary of the candidates: “Five residents will be on the ballot for Lincoln City Mayor, including a former mayor, current and former city councilors, a fiscal administrator and a surfer.” – Lincoln City Homepage

“A Portland State University study found that fewer than 15 percent of eligible voters were turning out to vote for mayors, council members, and other local offices.” I hope you can carve out a few moments and review the candidates. I’ll be reviewing the Chamber’s recording with my son as a primer for his future participation and engagement.