Emerald Valley BMX – ReDiscover

Finally, a third attempt to rediscover Emerald Valley BMX race track, Eugene, OR and it was open for business: my first time riding here in 35 years.

Kinda funny ‘cause I thought I was gonna stomp it… but, hit my wall sooner than expected. Quite the workout. Shout out to my Mom for supporting and fueling a love for BMX. For several years, in the early 80’s, racing here on Thursday night and Saturday mornings was a pretty routine thing. The parentals carting me and other kids from Veneta/Noti back and forth to Eugene.

Now an Olympic sport, BMX seems a lot faster than I remember. Asphalt berms. Super flow. Seems like other O.M. are back in the saddle these days like Kirk Linder who we idolized as one of the cool kids back in the day.

Thanks, Mom! #bmxforlife