Riding during COVID – Go Solo or Spread Way Out

Bike Newport repaired Reed’s bike Friday. A bent derailleur hanger. My son and I tried to diagnose the metal on metal jingle. Couldn’t figure it out.

Elliott hooked up his diagnostic computer, made micro adjustments and leveraged a aluminum bar clamp device to align the stars. Brought us back. Thank you Bike Newport.  

Elliot, and Lil’ El repair and build bikes. The best plan for riding right now is to go out and ride solo and enjoy the outdoors, in non crowded areas. And, try timing your rides for when you know your route will be less crowded. (Bicycling)

We all had our masks on. Signs spoke of social distance and limited hours: Monday – Friday 12-5. New bikes arriving – repairs and builds happening. It’s not been easy. But the mood was up. 

My past normal was riding during lunch break. The shop is on my tiny circuit around the County courthouse vicinity. That ½ hour is my recharge. Liberation by bike.

It struck me earlier in the week.
Called the shop.
Do you have hours?
They do.
I sense stress.
Of, course.
This abrupt pivot.

Last week a paper suggested that runners and cyclists need much more than six feet. The report went viral, and backlash ensued. But there was some legitimate science behind the claims. Outside Magazine.

Everybody’s got a story to tell. 50 days since my last lunch break ride. From work to home office/home schooling isolation. Pass the torch. Power through it. Dispersed with shots of awe.

How are the Crowders? How is Bike Newport making its pivot?

This activity – this bike riding – in the Coronaverse. A joy/health/survival activity. A spring fever antidote in any era. The Shop has got their safety and logistics going.  If riding feels essential – and for Reed and I it does – the shop is a resource.

Blocken’s work shows that exhaled clouds behave differently when the subject is in motion. In his simulation, the particles trail out in a tight, elongated teardrop in the athlete’s wake. (Illustration: Courtesy Blocken et al.)

What of the proximity to others when riding? What about masks when riding? How to outdoor activities orient for safety and spread reduction?

For that my good reader I hyperlink you to Outside Magazine. “Inside the Controversial 6-Foot Social-Distancing StudyLast week a paper suggested that runners and cyclists need much more than six feet. The report went viral, and backlash ensued. But there was some legitimate science behind the claims. Read it. Think about it.

Hang with it and you will decipher droplet spreading aerodynamics.  

Support your local shop. Bike Newport is the largest bike shop on the Oregon Coast. Currently open Monday – Friday 12-5. New bikes arriving – repairs and builds are available by pro shop technicians.

Riding increases heart rate and fluid movement. Dodge the spray. Or, just spread out. Way more than six feet.

Awkward. How to do we move space time – expand density? Not used to this. You seem so distant, lately? COVID. Everywhere all the time. Looking for to the return to normal. But, what will that even look like? Patience. Hope.

Tested Positive for COVID-19 in Lincoln County?

I kept hearing, it’s just a matter of time. We’ll eventually see positive tests. And, so we did. Are we in very begging of our curve? In the middle? At the end? Nothing is certain. Perhaps, I am more a skeptic than I thought myself. I’ll quote my wise friend. “Assume it’s everywhere and that YOU could be carrying the virus already.” Sounds like a good play. There’s a lot of hard right now. Things seem blurry. I am trying to stay focused, positive and grateful. Deep inhale. Long exhale.

Effective prevention: Wash hands often (at least 20 seconds with soap and running water), If soap and water are not available use hand sanitizer with a base of at least 60% alcohol, Clean surfaces often (door handles, computers, phones, counters, etc.), Stay at home, If you need to leave home for essentials such as food or medicine, maintain at least 6 feet from others at all times.

When Someone Tests Positive for COVID-19 in Lincoln County – this is the process. (Spanish Flyer – “What Happens Next”)

  1. Lincoln County Public Health interviews the patient who tested positive. This helps determine who they had contact with that might be at risk of getting COVID-19.
  2. When we identify someone who might be at risk, Public Health will call them and explain the circumstances. This happens within a few hours.
  3. We ask the person at risk to self-quarantine for 14 days after their last contact with the person that tested positive. During this time they monitor themselves for any potential symptoms while staying at home and avoiding contact with others.
  4. If they develop symptoms, they will work with providers to determine if they should be tested.
Interview with Nicole Fields. Deputy Director of Lincoln County Public Health. We discuss why we don’t provide the city location of a person who is tested positive, follow up process for positive testing, the importance of social distancing, and more.

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Website: www.co.lincoln.or.us/COVID

Call Center Phone: 541-265-0621 (Monday-Friday, 9am – 1pm)

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