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Ocean18 is simply a domain name that hosts my personal blog and website.  This site also reflects my activity as I campaign for County Commissioner. This is where I go to think out load – to notice things. I write here and share ideas. This is me. Casey Miller.  A husband, father, and citizen of Lincoln County. And, for the coming months, a candidate for Lincoln County Commissioner – Position #1. (Note: the views expressed here are mine and do not necessarily represent those of Local Government)

I consider what happens here to be a show of authenticity. And, while I largely believe in “radical honesty”, everything has its time and place. It’s therapeutic knowing anyone can peer into aspects of your life via the blog format. That might make some people uncomfortable.  But, I believe we might all benefit from a little more “hyper transparency” and a bigger dose of honest sharing. The good, bad and ugly.  Let’s do the inner work and #selfheal. I also like the idea that, at any time,  my son might check out these pages and understand more about his Dad.  Life is a gift. I hope I am living that truth and helping others do the same. #gratitude. 

A few tips about navigating this site. Use “tags” and “categories” to get more granular. At this time, I can’t tag the content of Pages. I’m working on a fix for that. Taxonomy is cool stuff.  The page “Here & Now” to highlights new changes that are happening in this space.

Old shirt still looks good. Ocean18 logo gear. Freelance was once the dance. Around 2004, I put everything I had into a 3CCD video camera and was a little early to the streaming scene. There just weren’t enough high speed internet connections for my business model, at first. The original concept for Ocean18 was “listen”, “read”, “watch” and “talk”.  (Image – www.russellclarkphoto.com)

I am beginning to post here first, then,  push to other platforms.  Social media offers much utility. But, its been good to think long form, again. Blogging helps me steer away from the clutter, interruptions and shape my ideas into something a little more diary like. The architectural concepts for the site continue to emerge.  For the moment, I’ll quote the Seth Godin playbook and continue to use this space for “noticing things”.

*I rarely provide paid for services projects. If your organization needs video or marketing expertise I can make a few suggestions.  I provide in-kind and volunteer efforts if and when time will allow.

My loves... Reed and Cherity.
My loves… Reed  and Cherity. Reed is into Legos, cup stacking, Minecraft, basketball, soccer, archery and skateboarding. Cherity is the Clinical Services Director at the Siletz Community Health Clinic. She has worked for the Confederated Tribe of Siletz Indians for almost 12 years. She also specializes in wound care. I’ll should note that she is an AMAZING chef! We have been married 10 years.

Work at Lincoln County, OR – County Government


By day and (in some regards 24/7) I am the Public Information Officer for Lincoln County Board of Commissioners.  I am greatly appreciative to work for this fantastic organization. The County provides valuable services, infrastructure (mostly road) and shapes the policy of many aspects of our communities social architecture.  The County Commission in many instances is a conduit for various public processes including the facilitation of local units of government, and managing and executing State of Oregon mandated services.

As the County’s PIO, my daily includes everything from taking phone calls about all things County Government, taking out the trash/picking up the paper, hosting the County’s Radio Show, acting as the PIO in the County’s Emergency Operations Center and working with various departments to execute communications. County Connections Radio Show (https://www.co.lincoln.or.us/boc/page/radio)

Cherity and Casey
We don’t do “date night” often enough. My wife is our rock. Very blessed.  I am particularly grateful for her independent and thoughtful nature. I’ve learned a lot form her and continue to do so. Our processes are at times very different. Yet, we often come to the same conclusions. “When virtue and modesty enlighten her charms, the lustre of a beautiful woman is brighter than the stars of heaven, and the influence of her power it is in vain to resist” – Akhenaten

In my personal time there may be instances in which I “mash up” the work I do as the Public Information Officer. Since, most all of Government activity is public record and since some of our communications are created by me – I make a conscious effort to recognize and identify which lane I am in.  Note, the County Commission does not have a Facebook page, for example.  My posts on Facebook are from Casey “the citizen” and do not necessarily represent the views of the County or Commission.  I feel that as a County employee I am a Public Official. And, as a result held to a higher standard of ethical responsibility. (Oregon Government Ethics Law – A Guide For Public Officials)

“Personal” Facebook page:

You can ask to friend me here.  Over time, its mostly where I go and hope to see what family, friends and acquaintances are up to.  It works especially well for Groups. Perhaps, one of Facebook’s most redeeming utilities.  But, I have found that not everyone seems fond of experiencing content that has to do with activism, social issues and “over sharing”.  For that mode of operations I created…

Sometimes you’ve got to take your food on the road. Tailgating – Whole 30 style – at the Lincoln City Skatepark.

“Public Figure” Facebook page:


During the election this page will host my messages for County Commissioner Position #1.  After the election I will continue to use FB as before. The intention for this digital space allows me to post info. that I support and believe in without necessarily hammering my friends family and acquaintances with content that might not strike their fancy.  Its also, allows me to “push” this content into the public’s news feeds. I am aware this may be a double standard but I’ll throw out a lifeline: Facebook has no ad free subscription model  (which I too might select if given the option).  Until then, I’ll take the opportunity on occasion to promote issues and events that I feel are worth the intrusion.  Please follow me if you are in alignment and note that I am mindful and authentic with these communications.  At the same time I will generally not engage with profanity, disrespectful, or hit and run type trolling. We can disagree… but, let’s do it with integrity that keeps the conversation open.


I started using IG around November, 2018. I quite like it and have been late to the game, for sure. In the past  I mostly post BMX, MTB and Crossfit activities on this platform. But, I am beginning to feature generalized content and advocacy here.  I love the visual emphasis and use of hashtags to both categorize and search for information.  It’s pretty cool to find people all over the world who share the same interests. In regard to advertising, Facebook (which owns Instagram) kinda hijacked my IG account and turned it into a public account. I hadn’t intended that to happen… so, I think anyone can see these posts.  (I had it set to public anyways. But, arghh…)

You Tube and Vimeo

Just recently, I reviewed my “digital signature” on You Tube. The experience was part pleasing and part frightening.  Interesting that I have (for the most part) not published content here for almost eight years. Save a few projects – my son’s theater camp and Crossfit Newport – it’s… been awhile.  But, I am not sure at the time of writing this I will remove these things.  For many years now, most of my video edits have ended up on Facebook and otherwise in the hands of the organization that desired the deliverable.  I film a lot. So many hard drives filled. Dunno. As far as Vimeo is concerned. Babies, apparently. Lol! Oh, boy.

Crossfit Newport – CF-L1 Trainer (former) 

My Crossfit journey began 7 years ago (September 2014ish). I became a Crossfit trainer a year later. I went through the cult like phase years 1-3ish.  I would like to believe I am over that now. My wife might say otherwise and she is probably the best judge of Casey Miller.  I should ask her for an evidence based perspective.

I am currently not training 3 days a week at 5:30 AM. This was essentially volunteer work. I trade my membership at the gym (we call it “box”) for the hours spent training.

2018 Best Personal Trainer?! How did this happen? News times said this year they had implemented a new survey system that mitigated for repeat voting. We don’t have a very large athlete cycle at 5:50 AM. Hell, I’ll take it!

It’s been one of the best choices I  have ever made in regard to life optimizing or life changing fitness (and “holistic health”).  I did limited organized sports in high school and was mostly an “alternative” sports type person. BMX, skateboarding, surfing, cross country and downhill skiing, mountain biking, and wind surfing, were the activities I was exposed to.  These sports and the level I was engaged in did not engender “training”.

I was 43,  in a state of deferred maintenance, gaining weight and feeling it.  I had heard and read about Crossfit. Then our gym opened in Newport.  I gave it a try.  The rest is history. Best shape I have been in… EVER. Additionally, it was a catalyst to incorporate nutrition and psychology to wellness. It’s all a mosaic and yet big picture.  The body is capable of many things. And, it much prefers moving to setting in a desk all day…