Commissioner Update – 2.7.23

Checking in Lincoln County. A commissioner update for you. (Long post. Photos here not necessarily in linear order. Also, not an exhaustive list of everything I have been up to as of 2.7.23) Additional photos on Facebook –

“We must never forget the joy of doing something slow and something difficult, the satisfaction of not doing what is easiest. The constellation of inconvenient choices may be all that stands between us and the life of total, efficient conformity.” – The Carbon Almanac

Native Plant Sale this Saturday starting at 10am. 914 SW Coast Hwy Newport. Native Plants thrive. Go get some! –

Paintings of missing CTSI. Indigenous artist Nayana LaFond will provide a Painting Demonstration March 25, 1PM

I attended the opening reception of “Portraits in Red, Missing & Murdered Indigenous People Painting Project” – Photos in the exhibit include paintings of missing Siletz Tribal Members. Selene Rilatos opened the reception alongside family members of the missing. How can we prevent this? Awareness is a starting point. Visiting the exhibition is one way to become informed. More to come from me on this as I reach out to the Tribe to understand how we all might support them further. Runs February 2 – May 7 at the Pacific Maritime Heritage Center in Newport –

Selene Rilatos, Tibal Council – with opening remarks and song – putting things in perspective – both hurt and healing. Thank you to these families for their courage and prayers for their pain.

Unincorporated area short term rentals were addressed in our weekly meeting. “Commissioners also plan a workshop on potential future tweaks to the ordinance. Newly elected commissioner Casey Miller submitted a list of ideas he raised at last week’s meeting, including increasing the number of geographic zones, defining number of vehicles and/or parking spaces per property and exploring the concept of requiring county residency to hold a license, among others.” – Ken Lipp, Yachats News –…/

In the news… thanks for the coverage News-Times.

“The majority of the debate was over how many STRs, based on a percentage of the total number of tax lots, should be allowed in each of those seven areas. There has been a lot of public input on this issue, and more was presented Wednesday prior to deliberation by the commission.” – Steve Card, News-Times…/article_aff60b9c…

I made my first appearance on YBC Radio’s Hotline as a commissioner “Miller explained his decision-making process behind his vote in support of Ordinance 523, reducing the number of short-term vacation rentals in unincorporated Lincoln County down to 180 from more than 500. He noted that will take some time as the reduction will be via attrition. No licenses will be taken away.” – Cheri Brubaker, YBC Radio –

HOTLINE… YBC Radio – broadcasting throughout the county.

This Friday I’ll attend the Accessible Travel Conference (Lincoln City Chamber of Commerce) at Chinook Winds. Attendees will learn how businesses and communities become more welcoming and accessible to travelers with disabilities, their families, and companions. With me will be Skyler Campa who has been working in the commissioner’s office. Skyler uses a wheelchair. I’ve been spending time with him outside of work attending events. Having a friend such as Skyler has opened my eyes to the importance of ADA access. More to come. Register:…/register/700

My boyz! During our recent visit to the Portland Winter Light Festival. Navigating downtown Portland was mostly a success.

Lynn Howard, Chief Deputy District Attorney, provided a great overview of the efforts and services provided by our District Attorney’s Office ( to learn more? Check this: The Top Ten Myths About Oregon District Attorneys –

LC Chamber President, Chief Deputy DA, LC Chamber ED – women who represent professionalism in our county’s culture!

Our Mental Health Division, and its community partners, held a Symposium so that we all might learn more about MH services offered throughout the county, what services, plans and changes are coming, what barriers are currently known. Many attendees gathered in small groups to identify priorities and brainstorm solutions for our community. Follow up coming. I was reminded that in my own life I am grateful for the professional and trained practitioners that have helped myself and my family during difficult times. County Behavioral Health and our community partners will continue to innovate and serve our community moving forward. But staffing shortages persist. I am curious if we might develop a workforce classification like an MA in the medical field that could be mirrored in behavioral health and offered at the community college level. Planning to explore this further.

For 24/7 mental health crisis counseling, call 1-866-266-0288 – Services are provided regardless of insurance coverage or income.
Behavioral Health services are offered at clinics located in Newport, Waldport, and Lincoln City, and at School-Based Health Centers located in Taft, Newport, Waldport, and Toledo schools.

This week is my third attending the Sheriff’s Citizen Academy. This program provides anyone the opportunity to learn about the everyday operations of the Sheriff’s Office and the many services provided to the community. This is an 8 series (16 hour) program. Last week we toured the jail, and it was quite the eye opener. Much respect for our corrections officers for this difficult work. Citizen Academy features interactive sessions with LCSO staff that cover: Animal Shelter and Services, Civil Service, Corrections, Emergency Management, Patrol and more. Details:…/sheriffs-office-citizen…

Our Sheriff – Curtis Landers. LCSO is a leader in many regards. Much appreciation for the elevated commitment to public service.
Shortly after this photo I received the famous “Super Muffin”. 1,300 Cal. Its a meal. Just in time because I hadn’t eaten dinner. Serious nutrition.

On County Connections Radio Show Phoenix Wellness Center, a community-based organization offering the highest quality of evidence-based, diverse, holistic and culturally competent care to individuals pursuing abstinence from substance abuse, by providing them with a safe and therapeutic setting. Appreciate the work of Savannah Staggs, Nicole Rariden and the entire Phoenix team. Peer mentors are highly effective.

Peer Mentorship. EXPERIENCE matters and builds trust. When recovery lightning strikes mentors are ready to provide wrap around support.

Genoa Pharmacy has opened a pharmacy on site in the Health and Human Services Lee Street Building. The new pharmacy serves HHS clients, community partners (e.g., jail, other service providers), county staff and their family members, even if an employee leaves county employment. Open to the public. If you would like to transfer your prescriptions to the Genoa pharmacy, please ask your prescriber to e-prescribe to the Genoa Pharmacy here in Newport. Note that this is not a retail pharmacy (i.e., you cannot buy over the counter vitamins, Kleenex, greeting cards etc.). The Genoa phone number is 541.272.3618. Access to the pharmacy is through the middle entrance of the Lee Street Building.

In development: a new RV “Pilot Project” for the abatement of abandoned RV’s and trailers in the County. Our Solid Waste Department has culled together funding to initiate this pilot project. The opportunity provides cities with a $20,000 credit to be used for the removal of identified abandoned RV’s and/or trailers over the next year. Future opportunity for private property owners (including owners of private roads) to remove RV’s in code violation from their property in exchange for a contractual commitment to 5-years of code compliance. More to come:…/

Record numbers of abandoned RVs seen throughout the county. Our family has one on my grandmother’s property (not the one pictured here). Estimated cost of removal with asbestos mitigation: $11,000

Documentary recommendation. Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World. Examine the musical contributions and pop culture influence of Indigenous artists.

You might be surprised to discover just how many of your favorite songs are possible because of the talent and life experience of indigenous people. Informative. Check it out.

Thanks for reading… Hope you are well Lincoln County! You can reach out to me at:

Second Week on the Job

What does the second week as a new county commissioner entail? Many things happening. Several touchpoints from the last week. I appreciate the article in the News Times from editor Steve Card. I feel like this was a good moment in time update as I acclimate into the position. Find that here:

Ken Spencer. Understands the art of the sign.

– STR analysis: We are in the process of creating further refinements to Ordinance #523. (Unincorporated Lincoln – not inside cities) Our primary focus is looking at seven different geographical regions that articulate percentages of STRs allowed in those regions. How can you help? We would appreciate your feedback about these regions and percentages. What other refinements that will create a policy that serves our community best. Yachts News, Ken Lipp, coverage here:

– Elk City water. Jacobson originated a scope of work to analyze water availability and resilience for Elk City. Finding find and providing safe and resilient water to rural communities is ongoing. Access to funding often means that we provide analysis that investments will serve and the community long and short term. Contract to follow before the BOC. Is your water source consistent throughout the year?


– New County Website:  This week I worked with county staff to further execute the deployment of a new county website. We need to make sure our color palette is ADA accessible. This is not as simple as it might appear. But we are working through it. Super excited to deliver our community a new site that provides more online services and clarity of information. This does not mean we abandon face to face, person to person customer service. More to come on this project. How can we make our website work better for you? Let us know:

ADA accessibility. Getting the colors right.

– What is the Blue Economy? My pleasure to talk to Paul Schuytema, Executive Director – Economic Development Alliance of Lincoln County. This is a brief but important overview. The Blue Economy encompasses all economic sectors that utilize and affect water-related resources. Find out more at:

The guru – Paul Schuytema – ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT

– Broadband Action Team: I will be taking every opportunity possible to bolster and expand internet access in our county. Thankfully, we have had engagement from other community stakeholders. The Economic Development Alliance and Paul Schuytema have a seat at the table on the Cascades West economic Development District, and more. If you have not already, please take speed test:

– Happy birthday to Commissioner Jacobson. She is passionate about our community and works hard to deliver the work. From Elk City to Otis. I appreciate her efforts to improve our community by grabbing federal and state dollars that can make meaningful change. This is not as easy as it might seem. Grants are often difficult to wrangle.  But she is relentless and no doubt your recognition of electing her to a second term is ground truth.

– Job openings/careers: my former position as the PIO (public Information officer) is open for submissions. Many other positions are listed. Check it out. We need you.


– A shout out to the FAB5 – Susan, Jessica, Jenny, and Sam. I have learned a lot from boots on the ground with a very competent emergency manager and our emergency operations team. They have heart and technical expertise to provide resilient community lifelines. Thanks to Ken Spencer at Newport Signs for the die cut and install. And, finally… I now have a desk. Too many mentions to cover it all. Onward. Appreciate you Lincoln County!