Register to Vote

In 1998 Oregon voters overwhelmingly passed a ballot measure directing elections be conducted by mail, commonly called vote by mail. This replaces traditional polling place elections.

Other states may use strategies such as reducing polling locations in predominantly African American or Lantinx neighborhoods, or only having polling stations open during business hours. Oregon’s vote by mail seeks to improve access.

VOTER INFORMATION – Lincoln County Clerk’s Office

Find out if you are registered to vote:

A Portland State University study found that fewer than 15 percent of eligible voters were turning out to vote for mayors, council members, and other local offices. Low turnout means that important local issues are determined by a limited group of voters, making a single vote even more statistically meaningful. – NatGeo

You only need to update your registration in Oregon when:

  • your residence or mailing address changes;
  • your name changes; or
  • you wish to change your party affiliation.

Talk about voting on social media and in discussions with your friends and family. We need to engage and encourage future generations to vote. Use these images below to spread the word!

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