Oregon Lifeline Reduces Cost of Phone or Broadband

Essentially a repost from me here; times are tough: I have been promoting this opportunity on Facebook and Instagram and wanted people to know the Oregon Public Utility Commission has created – Oregon Lifeline – a federal and state government program that reduces the monthly cost of phone or broadband service for qualifying low-income Oregon households. It does not appear to cover Verizon but does cover AT&T. See the website for full details.

COVID-19 Note: Effective February 1 through June 30, 2021, the Oregon Lifeline program is providing an additional $5 discount per month. Oregon residents on federally-recognized Tribal lands may qualify for an additional $25 discount per month.
Discount amounts are subject to change. Federal and state regulations limit the Lifeline benefit to one person per household for phone or broadband service.​​​​​ Details here.

Home for the Holidays

Back to the home gym. Not my favorite way to get a workout in. Exercising at home and outside is one of many measures our household is taking to minimize risk to others and ourselves.

Reopening was a personal relief and awakening. I had struggled to exercise with any kind of consistency or intensity on my own. Getting together with my peeps was a realization that community exercise was critical to my personal mental and physical health: my discovery was hardly novel.

Desk jockey needs to “work” out. I sit and sit and sit some more. A computer screen, virtual conferencing and telephone are the current tools to communicate in the year of isolation.

What of gatherings and the risks of COVID? My own thinking and the compartmentalization of that thinking demonstrates the cognitive bias my ego prefers: let us lift heavy things at high intensity. We’ll do it together. Community. This is the CrossFit way. 

Our latest lock down (or “freeze”) feels more painful than the first. There was much anticipation of holiday gatherings on each side of our family. We have cancelled our events. Unfortunately, I have disappointed those I love. The financial stability of my favorite gym? I anxiously awaited the opening Emergency Small Business Assistance Fund for announcement.  Then, watched it evaporate 20 minutes after it opened. Freeze first, help later…?

Like the flu we knew the winter months would mean bad news for the spread of COVID. The future is now, and shit is getting hectic. Major relapse. Even as we implement these lock downs – at the rate things are going – lots of people will suffer. Both the disease and the cure will continue to bring harsh outcomes. It is a horrible situation.

Social distancing is a luxury many can’t afford. Vermont actually did something about it.

Initially, face coverings were not required in gyms. I did not wear mine. Looking back, I feel the tinge of shame.  My wife had cancer. What was I thinking? Class sizes were small but I was just not connecting the dots on the simplicity of being smart about gathering together. I felt a sense of relief when face coverings were mandated across the board. It was the push I needed to screw my head on.  

Home for the holidays? Not the way we wanted. COVID takes away that which cannot be replaced; time is not renewable. As much as we are committed to making up the lost time together it’s frustrating and hurtful to our loved ones who would rather take the risk of getting sick.

Have you seen a CrossFit workout? It’s an interesting spectacle. Sharing an enclosed space while grunting, huffing and puffing is obviously a higher risk scenario than compared to say sitting at a computer in an office space. Compound movements performed at high intensity. We lift weights, climb ropes, flip tires, roll on the floor – you name it we’re probably doing it. People pushing themselves to physical sickness does happen: as a trainer it’s not a recommendation I strive for. Ultimately, when the clock starts ticking intensity is up to the athlete. And, many do push themselves.   

Wearing a face covering I protect others and myself: exercise improves immunity and resilience.  I assumed gym ownership thought masks would be a deal breaker for its members. Perhaps they worried clients would simply cancel rather than protect others, support the gym, and improve their fitness. I never asked. Instead, I chose to promote the gym and fitness as being essential to overall health. It made me uncomfortable. But, I did it anyway. I need this… Me.

Scientists say the coronavirus is airborne. Here’s what that means.

Crossfit was founded on the care and sense of responsibility for the health of his community. Much of this philosophy is at the core of training materials required by CFHQ. Franchise gyms have a great degree of autonomy.  How an individual CF gym expresses itself varies. Here is one example that inspires me: https://www.crossfit.com/essentials/creating-community-during-covid-lessons-from-cohort-crossfit

Coronavirus is not an equal-opportunity pathogen The people who are most likely to be tested, and to have the easiest time quarantining or isolating, are also the least likely to get sick and die from the virus. VOX

I’m disappointed that I can’t hit the gym. This week my mind is swirling with the “what ifs”. That’s part of the nefariousness of COVID. One could be spreading it and never know. Yet, one can avoid spreading COVID by simply isolating. It’s lonely. It’s the antithesis of our basic human needs and certainly a driver of our fatigue to keeping our separation from others forthright.

The Community Gyms Coalition in one political option to encourage congress to provide financial relief for gyms.  If you have the resources #noquitnovember inspires gym goers to keep their memberships during the lockdowns. The home gym is where its at right now. That’s my play. Stay safe and healthy my friends.