Second Week on the Job

What does the second week as a new county commissioner entail? Many things happening. Several touchpoints from the last week. I appreciate the article in the News Times from editor Steve Card. I feel like this was a good moment in time update as I acclimate into the position. Find that here:

Ken Spencer. Understands the art of the sign.

– STR analysis: We are in the process of creating further refinements to Ordinance #523. (Unincorporated Lincoln – not inside cities) Our primary focus is looking at seven different geographical regions that articulate percentages of STRs allowed in those regions. How can you help? We would appreciate your feedback about these regions and percentages. What other refinements that will create a policy that serves our community best. Yachts News, Ken Lipp, coverage here:

– Elk City water. Jacobson originated a scope of work to analyze water availability and resilience for Elk City. Finding find and providing safe and resilient water to rural communities is ongoing. Access to funding often means that we provide analysis that investments will serve and the community long and short term. Contract to follow before the BOC. Is your water source consistent throughout the year?


– New County Website:  This week I worked with county staff to further execute the deployment of a new county website. We need to make sure our color palette is ADA accessible. This is not as simple as it might appear. But we are working through it. Super excited to deliver our community a new site that provides more online services and clarity of information. This does not mean we abandon face to face, person to person customer service. More to come on this project. How can we make our website work better for you? Let us know:

ADA accessibility. Getting the colors right.

– What is the Blue Economy? My pleasure to talk to Paul Schuytema, Executive Director – Economic Development Alliance of Lincoln County. This is a brief but important overview. The Blue Economy encompasses all economic sectors that utilize and affect water-related resources. Find out more at:

The guru – Paul Schuytema – ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT

– Broadband Action Team: I will be taking every opportunity possible to bolster and expand internet access in our county. Thankfully, we have had engagement from other community stakeholders. The Economic Development Alliance and Paul Schuytema have a seat at the table on the Cascades West economic Development District, and more. If you have not already, please take speed test:

– Happy birthday to Commissioner Jacobson. She is passionate about our community and works hard to deliver the work. From Elk City to Otis. I appreciate her efforts to improve our community by grabbing federal and state dollars that can make meaningful change. This is not as easy as it might seem. Grants are often difficult to wrangle.  But she is relentless and no doubt your recognition of electing her to a second term is ground truth.

– Job openings/careers: my former position as the PIO (public Information officer) is open for submissions. Many other positions are listed. Check it out. We need you.


– A shout out to the FAB5 – Susan, Jessica, Jenny, and Sam. I have learned a lot from boots on the ground with a very competent emergency manager and our emergency operations team. They have heart and technical expertise to provide resilient community lifelines. Thanks to Ken Spencer at Newport Signs for the die cut and install. And, finally… I now have a desk. Too many mentions to cover it all. Onward. Appreciate you Lincoln County!