Sixty Days – TrainRideFilmEdit

A few videos encapsulated in a larger gestalt filmed over the last couple of weeks. It’s been awhile since I threw together longer “me” edit. I love training, filming, riding, filming and editing it all together. Sixty seconds (below) prepped initially for IG: getting the acknowledgement from my peeps on social media is a pump. I like that. There’s also something satisfying about mashing videos it into a flowing narrative that I can look back on. Social is as much a mirror and photo album of sorts as it is a broadcast and sharing tool.

I’ve recently given up two of my “trainer” days. We’ve got some talented new blood who are hungry to guide our classes. It’s given me the option to simply work out and play with filming during class. It also gives me the opportunity to sleep in. It’s been over four years, three days a week at 5:30. Nice to have a break.

There’s a underlying story. I am 60 days – opioid free. Doesn’t look like much typing it now. Certainly feels like a LONG time from the day I pulled the rip cord. The first thirty were surprisingly and terrifyingly difficult. This last two weeks “the feeling” of optimism and enjoyment has redeployed.

X-ray vision or x-ray image. Its hard to make out. At the bottom of my tail bone is a subluxed coccyx. Pointing the wrong directions. My doctor said it might take a year. Indeed. And longer. I guess I did’t want to hear that…

My subluxed coccyx has been a two year long affair. Will I ever be ever be free of tail bone discomfort? I don’t know. I at least know that I don’t need pain management to deal with life. I am freer now. At my last D.O. appointment she said my body was “zen like.” Felt pretty good to hear that! So many appointments I have hammered my bod like hours before at the gym. This last one I intentionally did some yoga prior to see if I could loosen up a little. Maybe that worked or maybe it’s the larger arch of recovery.

I’ve got a few shots here with the Sony Alpha a6600. Can you tell the difference? While I would like to integrate the Sony more during rides – the extra weight and size kid of get in the way as I explore on longer rides. Mostly iPhoneXS here.

On day two of the withdrawal process I filmed my state. I originally posted that on You Tube as a reminder of the difficulty among other things. Even in my misery I wanted to check out the capability my new camera at that time… This video is now in a privacy setting for family and a subsequent blog post sits in draft form. It’s doesn’t feel right at this time to full on public. I do want to elaborate in time.

Many lessons learned. The psychological addictions are what I am observing, as well. So many themes come into play. I am reminding myself often that if I’m not mindful – some unwanted behaviors and thoughts can become habitual, if I let them. Here’s to the future. Stay the course. Staying kinder to myself and others. #recovery #crossfit #mtb #bmx24 #mindfulness

Crossfit Newport – 1st Annual Battle at the Beach!

We are excited to invite local and regional athletes to the Oregon Coast.

Registration is now open for the 3rd round of the Mid Valley Battle Series hosted by Crossfit Newport – 1st Annual Battle at the Beach! (

We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training. – Archilochos

This is a M/F two person team. RX, Scaled, Masters, & Teen divisions. Get your partner and sign up today!!

The Mid Valley Battle Series is composed of five separate events: each competition will be held at a different CrossFit Box, you can compete in one competition or all! (

At the end of the day, competing locally is not much different than competing in the CrossFit Open. You’re testing your fitness against another data set of athletes. That potential slice of humble pie can be the trigger you need to see how you can take your training to the next level.  (Source: WODPREP – The Ultimate Guide To Local CrossFit Competitions