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2020 is a pretty freaking cool number. Let’s rock this shit!

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Drive-In to the PAC Picture Show
The Drive-In is back! “Parking Lot Theatre” at the Newport Performing Arts Center. It’s amazing to think that there was once 4,000 Dive-ins across the USA. Capture the feeling in Newport.

Parents are the First Teachers
Me to Labor and Delivery Nurse: “Thanks, for everything. But, did you forget to include the operating manual for our child?” Parents are Teachers. It is the way. Embrace the journey and get some help from the pros.

Riding during COVID – Go Solo or Spread Way Out
I was pleased to discover that Bike Newport was open and surviving these times. But, it also made me wonder? How safe is riding in groups? What are the best precautions to take while trying to get the exercise that’s also essential to optimal health?

When Happens Someone Tests Positive for for COVID-19?
Lincoln County Public Health’s flow chart/process after a positive test is identified. Stay at home and avoiding contact with others.

Sixty Days – TrainRideFilmEdit
Two years of dealing with subluxed coccyx also led me to opioid dependency. I am since free of this ball and chain. After sixty days life seems to be returning to normal.

Coronavirus and Team Lincoln County
(MUCH has happened since this post on 3.7.20). We train and exercise for events such these, yet… When Dr. Ogden was mentioning that we should avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands – I think I touched my face and beard three times! Yikes!

Nonprofit Capacity Building Seminars
Lincoln County Government provides training for passionate, community driven, local nonprofits. Let’s strive to thrive.

Tobacco Dependency
The antithesis of healthiness. Does all that proactive stuff I do mitigate my toxic behavior? Hoping. But, what an awful example I demonstrate for my kid.

Ultralife Café – Hearty, Healthy and “Local”
Matt and Stephanie provide healthy dose of food, drink and atmosphere. It’s an affair of entrepreneurship, partnership and love.

Water Safety & Feasibility in a Community Neighborhood
Managing a neighborhood water system includes measured standards for water quality and challenges from the reality of climate change.

Living and Dying – Conversations with Aunt Patty
What can we learn from conversations about conversations with the dying? Revelations about how to live now from our family chaplain.

Newport Skatepark – 2,000 Sq. Ft Addition
Specialty recreation investments take smart planning and collaboration. Assets that encourage physical activity share near unanimous support. How do we pay for it and can afford it?

Canna Honey – CBD Therapy
Local business makes quality product. Getting individuals to embrace nature’s ancient technology and look past the narratives of fear are more difficult than expected.

Why Ocean18? It was 2003. I was looking for a name to describe my business model. Ocean seemed appropriate because I love that I can see it every day, it’s volume, its presence. One is the Divine Ground. Eight is the Greek symbol of infinity.

New Pages include:

Not the deepest dive or manifesto. There is no such thing as an average person, we are all genetically and biologically unique“. A brief rant and overview of my routine.

One of my greatest discoveries has been consistently engaging in a movement practice that utilizes strength training. Lifting heavy things often feels like hard work. But, why does it hurt so good?

Health and wellness can be improved with a little love and kindness to yourself. What works for me might not work for you, however. These are some of my favorite ways squeeze a little more out of this lifespan – supposedly.

Being present yields a high return on investment. Are you buying in? Slowing down is not always easy. But, the rewards are great even if every once in awhile I find myself wanting to scream!

Gilbert Baker is said to have gotten the idea for the rainbow flag from the Flag of the Races in borrowing it from the Hippie movement of that time largely influenced by pioneering gay activist Allen Ginsberg. – Wikipedia

My highest priority guiding principles. This section could use more examples of how I live those values through action. We are what we do: I’ve got the road map. So, time to get cracking!

People love to talk if give them the opportunity. They also live amazing lives filled with fascinating experiences. With a spark of curiosity we light the fires of shared imagination through communication.

The older I get the more interested I am becoming in my past. Why is that? And, why didn’t I appreciate my loved ones more when they were with me. Hindsight feels right in 2020.

A little bit about me, where you can find me on the web and how I use other web platforms like social media for sharing information.

I love this quote. Mcphee is a badass. Reminds me that earth has been around a long time. And, we are but blips on the radar of time. Let’s be humbled by our brief history on this planet.

I’m still experimenting with navigational structures. Let this page be a gateway (for now) to discovering what’s happening in this space.  I’ve been feverishly writing and “noticing things” the last couple of months. Ocean18 is where many of my observations are further deliberated.

I’ve also been tooling with the idea of a “Stream of Consciousness” or “SOC” style post.  I enjoy creating essays with conclusion driven trajectory but I am also realizing I need something that can be a little more free form. A traditional journal style structure post, perhaps. A writing block that will allow less wood shed commitment. This will be coming soon.