Traditional Volunteerism

  • Newport Visual Art Center Committee
  • Lincoln County Community Rights (former)
  • Newport Chamber of Commerce Ambassador
  • Newport Area Trail Stewards Board, Secretary (former)
  • CrossFit Newport CF-L Trainer (former)
  • Newport Composite Mountain Biking Coach
  • Lincoln Community Dispute Resolution (former)
  • Ernest Bloch Legacy Project
  • Oregon Coast Jazz Party, OCCA
“It takes a village…” I appreciate this community. There are many good people putting in lots of hours. I sense I should do more. Perhaps, one day. we will be without want or need. Until then… Thank you to our community volunteers.

Social Influencer Volunteerism (for various organizations – PLEASE READ – explanation below)

  • City of Lincoln City
  • Output Music Company
  • City of Newport – Vision 2040
  • Phoenix Wellness Center
  • Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve
  • Habitat for Humanity, Lincoln City Home
  • Emergency Preparation (Various)
  • Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Green Bikes Program, Seashore Literacy Center
  • Lincoln City Chamber of Commerce, Candidate Forum
  • Landscaping with Love
  • Marine Studies Initiative
  • Lincoln City Farmers Market
  • Lincoln City Cultural Center
  • Resource Family Recruitment (foster care)
  • Oregon Coast Community College
  • Echo Mountain Arts Fund Auction
  • City of Newport Parks and Recreation
  • Burger 101
  • COVID Safety & Vaccine Advocacy, Various
  • Otis Strong Tigers
  • There are MANY more…


What is “social influencer volunteerism?” Many years ago, I created a public figure Facebook page.  I use social media and blogging to support causes that have community benefit. These are my personal sponsored posts that communicate important community events, businesses, non-profits, etc.

Being a social influencer requires more than direct advertising costs.  Creating effective community messages often requires additional resources. Communication support tools I use are photography, music, video, and other software programs. These are not free and ongoing expense.

Much discussion of social media these days. The good. The bad. And the fundamental need that humans have to share our lives with each other. My sense is that we will find a balance that serves us all better. Might we choose to focus on thoughtfulness when we criticize. Be kind my friends!

I spend many hours carefully creating social media posts that will communicate a clear message. It is a delicate process that I enjoy. I am grateful that I can combine my passion for communication with local advocacy. This is a talent I bring to the role of Commissioner.

If you are interested in Lincoln County, OR centric information that focuses on public safety, environment, events/entertainment, emergency preparation, local businesses, social services, art, regional industry perspectives, equity, economic development and more… my public figure Facebook page might be of interest to you – please look deep into my posts for the work I have done.

I will continue to advocate for our community as I have done before the current election for Commissioner.  I will continue to use my time, money and creativity to support the community after the election.

The views expressed by me on Facebook and other social media are not necessarily the views of Lincoln County Government. While I am the PIO for the County, when I post “government” information – I am careful to use only the information that has been previously released by county government. This advocacy happens outside of my regular working hours for the County.  In many instances I “mash up” other community messages into something new on my own time with my own creative perspective. 

I take my work for the County very seriously and conduct myself with the highest ethical standards to be clear about which lane I am driving in, when and why.  I ask myself… will this information empower? In these times of exponentially growing “content” it’s a good question to ask oneself. My intent is to post information that will create value if known and learned.