2023 Highlights & Perspectives in County Government

This review wraps up my first year serving as a Lincoln County commissioner chosen by you. Thus far, it has been a remarkable adventure, and I am looking forward to our ongoing expedition together to ensure county government provides essential public services in an efficient, effective, and respectful manner.  There is rarely a day I am not reminded that my effectiveness is bolstered by the wisdom of our community, a workforce of 500 employees and volunteers, and the expertise of my fellow elected officials. County government does not sleep. Thanks to all who show up and participate in the democratic process at the level of local government. We are stronger together.

Casey Miller

We have a diverse community, with a broad range of interests. Let us find reverence for the political process and the needed decision making required of us.  Not all societies have the option to collaborate as we do. Our voices can be heard. Let’s also support those that remain unheard. Equity and inclusion can make our community stronger, safer, and more resilient. Seeking to understand by listening with intent is immeasurably valuable.  Responding instead of reacting, facing our vulnerabilities, looking inward and putting ourselves in others’ shoes can bear fruit and most often does.  READ THE FULL POST HERE