Ernest Bloch Legacy Project (2009 Historical) – HD Conversion

Recently, I was asked to provide the original video from a project I had forgot about in quite some time. The new project has something to do with Lincoln County Historical Society and Ernest Bloch. Curious to find out what it’s all about. Nevertheless, the key players were asking for the material so I began digging.

As a videographer file management is a process with best results when your highly organized. I rarely engage in paid freelance these days and I’ve got many files poorly spread across numerous hard drives. Fortunately, I found the native file sessions and appropriate folders – incorrectly name for text based searching.

The original video below was created published on January 18, 2008. It was created to be part of the celebrations commemorating the 50th aanniversary of Bloch’s death on July 15, 1959.

At the time internet and You Tube were pretty fresh. DV and TV was considered as publishing possibilities. The camera format was Mini Mini 3 CCD. However, no filming was required here. A photograph driven project. I channeled my best Ken Burns. And, still feel the work is well done.

I realized that this could be converted to HD so I set down an grinded it out. The result is much improved (above). Most of the time suck was reconsidering “safe areas” that were allowed for in the day to avoid cropping on TVs. But, the transition movement was essentially left unchanged.

The music chosen was music Bloch composed while living in Agate Beach, OR. David Ogden Stiers is the narrator.

During his lifetime, Ernest Bloch was known as “The Man from Agate Beach.” More about Ernest Bloch at: (

I just found this video – super cool… On July 21, 2018, the larger Ernest Bloch Memorial Wayside was formally dedicated, with the the 1976 Memorial being moved to and included in a new installation featuring a new monument, five benches, and an interpretive sign*, now referred to as Ernest Bloch Place. (

Ride the Dirt Wave

Next regional meeting (TBD). Next NEWTS local meeting (TBD).

“Ride the Dirt Wave – The Oregon Coast as Premier Mountain Biking Destination” was a breakout strategy and brainstorming session at the 2019 People’s Coast Summit. The event is organized and hosted by OCVA – Oregon Coast Visitors Association.

Gabriel Amadeus Tiller one of the sessions moderators summed up the goals of the meeting: Working towards a unified coastal mountain biking recreation destination. How can the different trails coexist and craft a full Oregon Coast experience? How do groups that are geographically hundreds of miles apart work together?”  (Check out this PDF from the meeting)

My plan is to take this concept and vision back to our local trail building organization (NEWTS) Newport Trail Stewards. As the NEWTS move closer boots on the ground trail work in Newport we need to ask ourselves if and how we fit into the regional picture. Do we want to identify Newport’s trails as one of many trails people would choose to experience as they explore the Oregon Coast? And, what exactly will those trails look like?

In Lincoln County and Newport we’ve got a lot of work to do.  But, we have a blank canvas – that’s exciting! How will we shape and implement our future?

Next steps? Would you like to build local trails and/or participate in the regional discussions? Attend a NEWT meeting or social.
( and on Facebook (

OCVA will be hosting another meeting to continue the regional discussion. I’ll post that here and on NEWTS Facebook.

In the video above…  Moderators/Presenters: Gabriel Amadeus Tiller, Co-founder of Limberlost, Gabriel Amadeus – Creative Strategy, Oregon Timber Trail Project Manager.  Harry Dalgaard, Director, Regional Cooperative Tourism Program Travel Oregon and Vice President, Timber Trail Alliance

If you are interested in being part of this concept – I will continue to post about it on Ocean18.  I imagine OCVA will develop a resource page at some point (  You can contact their Coastal Detestation Coordinator – Jesse Donlin – as well.

Interested in how OCVA fits into the bigger picture as a regional tourism partner.  I interviewed Jesse recently.