County Government Priorities – SURVEY

What are your priorities for a County Commissioner? Please take a moment to participate in this brief 3 question survey. – Prioridades de la comunidad – Comisionado del condado

Please add as much detail as you would like to the survey questions. They are open ended. I wanted to begin the dialogue with a simple recognition and feedback process. I do envision more detailed surveys in time…

Customer service, communication/community engagement, emergency preparedness, and a “thriving community” are a few of my key themes. You can read more about those missions – here.

Yet, I should be careful to be too presumptuous. How many candidates will tell you what THEY plan to do for you? Here is the thing… When was the last time Lincoln County asked you for your feedback outside of our weekly Commissioner meetings? I believe we need to meet the community where they are at… What does that mean? I will explain this more in the coming weeks and months! Essentially, it means I believe you need the facts, presented concisely, so you can take action at any moment on the County’s evolving policy decisions.

But I want to hear from YOU.

I will be conducting a countywide survey now and into the future as your next County Commissioner.

Feedback from the community will be constant process for me. An open dialogue should be and will be my commitment to our community. Please be articulate and honest.

Realize that I will be referring to your comments in our future community discussions together. Include the subjects that are within the County’s current “menu of services” and those that might be “locally desired” in the future. Thank you for your time! Our future is collaboration and shared wisdom!