Survival Tips: Go Bag & Foraging

I recently put together a quick video demonstrating the contents of my go bag. Each member of our family has one and we keep them our in our vehicles. It’s my call to action for you. Put together both a go bag and a plan. Are you ready to evacuate quickly? And where exactly do you plan to go?

Oregon Coast residents are now painfully aware of the potential for wildfire. In September of 2020 we lost 300 residences to the Echo Mountain Fire Complex. Additionally, we are located near the Cascadia Subduction Zone and live with the anticipation of “when – not – if” for earthquake and tsunami hazards.

Lot’s of resources on the Emergency Management section of Lincoln County’s website.

Several weeks ago, Reed and I learned how to forage for seafood during Newport Parks and Recreation’s “Low Tide Learning; Survival Foods”. Since then we have made a couple of trips on our own and seemed to have remembered enough to gather more goodies.

This field trip is one example of the many engaging opportunities offered by Parks and Rec. Check out the City’s online catalogue for their upcoming programs.