Business Leaders Meet w/ Candidate, Discuss Economic Development

I am holding a virtual business leader discussion – Sunday, February 27th at 4PM. Register now at:

Please review my page on Economic Development prior to meeting, if possible. Doing this homework will be helpful for a robust discussion! I am looking forward to meeting with local business leaders. County Government – by nature of its service profile – is an important partner in economic development. If you are a business owner or manager – be aware that I would like to drill into your specific concerns, questions and recommendations.

I want the business community to experience that I am available for questions and concerns. As a Commissioner I want to keep the business specific dialogue agile and open. It is difficult for business owners to find time to voice their views at 10 AM every Wednesday for a County Commissioner meeting. I will show up at a time that works for you. Consider this meeting a first of many to come at times and dates that may vary as the community needs flexibility to meet.

Prior to working for the County I spent many years marketing and advertising local businesses. For over ten years I had one on one relationships with owners and managers trying to survive, thrive and support their families as small businesses. I recall fondly many discussions and strategies to bring new business through the doors.

Making the leap into owning a small business REALLY brought the reality into the fold. Owning a small business included some of the most liberating moments of my professional career. I was fortunate to take those skills into my current position at the County. But, I often missed the freedom and the risk. Running for County Commissioner is an opportunity for me to recapture the vitality! Although, as a Commissioner, the responsibility is arguably much more than what I once experienced as an entrepreneur and start up.

County Government is a fundamental facilitator of economic development in Lincoln County. This discussion is an opportunity for local business owners and managers to explore specific topics that relate to their businesses and explore the support they might need from the County Commission. I hope you can make time for a discussion!

If not, you can email me – Casey Miller:

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