The Random Post (Spring Fever) – 4.11.21

This is just a slice… I love this County! Spring fever! There is stuff happening… HOWEVER we’ve got to keep our COVID safety protocol and best practices up folks – Masks, Distance, Keep Clean. We are not out of the woods yet! GET VACCINATED. Some useful facts: + On April 19th everyone in Oregon will be eligible to get the vaccine! + You do NOT need to be a U.S. citizen to get the vaccine. + Getting the vaccine will NOT affect your immigration status or count as a public charge. + You do not need to have or provide a social security number. If a form or an appointment asks for one, write in 000-00-0000. +You do not need to have identification or other documentation to receive a vaccine.

On April 19th everyone in Oregon will be eligible to get the vaccine! Or you can call the Siletz Community Health Clinic now: 541-444-9636

North County Stuff

The Lincoln City Chamber’s Mayor Candidate Forum (4.13.21 – 12PM): Who will be Lincoln City’s next Mayor? This will be broadcast on Zoom. You’ll need to email the Chamber to get the Zoom information.  My hope is that this we be recorded and posted online. Ultimately you are going to VOTE right? Investigate. Your vote matters!

City of Lincoln City Website Redevelopment Survey (Survey open until 4.16.21 – 4:30PM): My residence is in Newport. Why would this matter to me? I receive calls when I am at work by citizens and visitors who are trying to problem solve situations that involve interacting with the City of Lincoln City government services. Websites are a digital portal/mirror for the physical services provided by an organization. Help the City build it better so you can find the information you need. It’s quick and important survey.

Good websites matter. I appreciate the City of Lincoln City is asking for community input. Take a moment and help them understand the type of functionality and the nature of information you desire most.

The GREAT GARAGE SALE! (April 16,17,18 – 10AM to 5PM): Last year we found some GOOD stuff. This is the best slam dunk bargain hunting experience in all the land. If your goanna sell some stuff – register your location and goodies – I want to know!

North Lincoln Sanitary Service’s Annual City Clean Up will happen the week following the Great Oregon Coast Garage Sale. April 20th-23rd. Call by April 19th to be placed on the route. 541-994-5555.

East County Stuff

Port of Toledo PORT TALK (4.22.21 – 12PM): Exciting developments continue at the Port of Toledo. Another Zoom opportunity to learn about the economic development and opportunities in the maritime industry with an East County H20 feel.

+Hear first-hand how the Port of Toledo has grown to become an important economic driver for the Oregon Coast Maritime Industry. +Learn about Hatfield Marine Science Center iLab’s partnership with Oregon RAIN to grow Oregon’s Blue Economy. +Participate in discussions about how to solve current challenges among Oregon’s ports.

I would also add that Oregon RAIN has a job opening: Resiliency Program Director . Port of Toledo’s Wooden Boat Show is an annual event held on the 3rd weekend of August.

Phantom Galleries Grand Opening (4.17.21 – 3PM to 5PM): This is super cool! I am really looking forward to seeing the installations on main street. If you have not been to Toledo in awhile – here is a reason to experience some “valley” weather and remember what “main street” IS and CAN be for a community, Arts Revitalization of Toledo is launching this program with a grand opening outside Toledo City Hall. What is it? Phantom Galleries are small, temporary art galleries created in vacant storefronts that allow visitors to enjoy the works of local and regional artists in a COVID-safe environment. Read all about it… Oregon Coast Today, thank you.

Central County Stuff

Low Tide Learning – Survival Foods (4.24.21 – 3:45PM): Are you curious about what lives below the tides? Yes. Want to know what’s safe to eat in an emergency situation (or a fun dinner party)? Yes. Low Tide Learning returns! I am not sure how many slots are left. The Newport Parks and Recreation FB page says this opportunity is limited to 10 people. It does not appear to be closed (at this time) on their events page.

Can we find our dinner? I hope so… I’ve head there are up to 40+ edible seaweeds on the Oregon Coast… Anticipation!

I am super stoked for this one! I am hoping that ocean foraging identification is a little easier than its land-based counterpart. Not making the best progress on land. Although, we have kicked around the idea of taking a guided foraging tour with Northwest Ecotours & Guide Service to accelerate our learning curve.

Big Picture Stuff

Many years ago, I participated in the growth of Lincoln County Community Rights.  During that time the group’s objective was banning aerial spraying.  It successfully created a citizens’ initiative to ban aerial spraying in Lincoln County. The rest is complicated… While I don’t currently participate in its local planning and projects, I do support many aspects of what the group is trying to accomplish.

How do we understand our relationship with the natural world? Indigenous peoples have a wonderful perspective that I believe we can learn from. Let us reconcile and meditate upon this…

In coordination with Oregon Community Rights Network and CELDF anyone can join the “Webinar Wednesday” panel discussions. This week is “Protecting Mother Earth: The history, legacy, and possibilities as experienced by Native Americans” the invitation notes “Our settler view of life is very different.  We have learned we can be  ‘owners’ of lands and living beings, where ‘resources’ are to be used, abused, and harmed in the service of incessant wanting of more, ignoring the justice issues of those who live in different ways.  We have much to learn if we are to find collaboration, respect and willingness to do what’s necessary for the care of our home planet as we move ever closer to extinction.”

Ok. So I’ve hyped myself and you on some of the cool shit happening. It’s all good.. yet, “The Oregon Coast Visitors Association (OCVA) has joined Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency, an international initiative that supports tourism businesses, organizations and individuals in declaring a climate emergency and taking purposeful action to reduce carbon emissions as per the advice from The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to cut global carbon emissions to 55% below 2017 levels by 2030. OCVA will be exploring voluntary, private sector solutions to this complex and global issue.”

I’ve asked Reed to read… Mary DeMocker’s book presents some good ideas. Honestly, we just don’t implement enough of them and it worries me greatly.

When I reflect and investigate the action steps needed – I appreciate that OCVA has defined specific actions with which to move forward. I feel somewhat paralyzed on this issue. But, I know that doing nothing is going to result in no thing. What we are doing at home is implementing simple but important actions to reduce our carbon footprint. We are eliminating purchases with packaging that goes straight to the land fill. And asking each other how badly we need this stuff. Composting is helping. We have realized our area hauler allows for compostable items that would otherwise have been “garbage”.  Importantly, we are talking about tangible things we can do now.